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Rothe project has fallen.
Daelin is very good person. Thanks to Many people like (werewolf, P2, MC, my self, and others) worked hard on that project.
And it is sad to see soo much work done and campaign being canceled.

Originally Posted by Daelin
As for my project... I know I may disappoint everyone who believed in RotHE. I was indeed dedicated to the project too, and they may think that I abandoned them. I am sorry about that, I will post on the offical forum, I'll give the whole project if someone wants to take it and continue it from where I left it. If not... oh well, it's been a hell of experience. My work remains open to the public... everyone can take my resources, use them as they see fit. They'll remain available as the administrators of the respective communities see fit!

Because Daelin has closed the production and released everything for public, I will post here all Icon that I did for ROTHE project.

I like these very much. I hope you will be inspired and create great maps.

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Дата: 03.12.2008 | Добавил: Evil_Igor
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